JMEA Corporation


JMEA is focused on the development and commercialization of its patented technology to treat orthopedic conditions of the spine, knee, shoulder, and certain bones.  JMEA has products in various stages of development to treat certain degenerative spine conditions.  These conditions involve the gradual loss of normal structure and function of the spine over time that are usually caused by aging.  Many of these conditions involve the degeneration of the spinal disc as one ages.  JMEA’s spine devices include expandable fusion devices for minimally invasive spine surgery and dynamic stabilization.

JMEA has also developed instruments for minimally invasive spine surgery to facilitate a faster and better discectomy process and prep the endplates.  JMEA’s system provides an in situ expandable and adjustable tissue reamer instrument set and method to perform a rapid, precise discectomy through a minimally invasive incision and a very small annulotomy.

Other JMEA technology areas include disc annulus/tissue repair, meniscal repair, rotator cuff repair, and bone fixation all of which are based on the technology in our patent portfolio.